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2023 Reflections

2023 Reflections:


Something I like to do every year…. And so grateful for the timing of it this year. Looking through all of the memories made and the photos and videos in my drive from the year as I was putting this together I felt so loved and so grateful and blessed to have so many amazing experiences and people in my life.

A year that was humbling and full of growth – from playing in ice castles and swimming in craters to building dome homes and Halloween on Tatooine! Made so many new friends, Made Magic with so many beautiful people and amazing art that I cant wait to share in 2024 and learning so so much both on many personal and professional levels. Amazing conferences and beautiful drives. Mostly stuck to the West Coast this year with purposefully little travel to help Rumble with his spinal and walking issues. Happy to say that has paid off and he is doing much better than was predicted for this time.

I got my very first home, a new car AND a new dog PLUS my beautiful daughter living back at home with me and one other super sweet kid. And I’ve got a heap of absolutely amazing clients that at this point have become amazing friends as well. I’m so grateful for everything that 2023 brought me and I look forward to making even more magic with more friends in 2024.

The best part of New Years is getting to start writing a new chapter. You are the Author of Your Story. Now is the Time to Write Whatever You Want!

Cheers to you and wishing you a peaceful and magical start to 2024.


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